Hi guys finally I find a place to use internet and write a blog post. Those days it's been like I'm carrying the weight of the world which is so unappropriate and so selfish since it's happening so much bad stuff those days, so many people are dying for none reason and it's like I cannot understand just for that I'm the luckiest person in the world.
But I think it's a human feature,that to be selfish.

No lucky from my mum,and neither from my family,we're actually on a cold war. My aunt who's the most supportive and important woman of my life suggested to take some sessions to the psychologist and that's how it's gonna be for the next few months. I really want to find out what's wrong with me and my relationship with my mum,whose think about psyc. it's like the one who take care of mad people. But it's ok I'm so into these her 'old style' thoughts that I don't even care anymore. As for me, did the last summer session exam this week and had the maximum vote,again.The more time I spent far by my family the more points I get at exams.

What about my dietbet goal?I'm really not eating a lot lately,so strange for me that I used to binge for 10+ year so even if I've not been weighting myself this week I know i reached my goal.My aunt was like...how much have you lost this month?10 kg (around 22lb)?Ahah so happy for that.
I look at dietbet's successful story and I'm sooo jealous!I don't wanna do one step forward and two back each time.But I swear you,you'll find my story maybe on march or april 'cause I'm going to look stunning on my graduation day.And if dietbet won't find my story interesting then I'll publish a blog post of my before and after. And my before is so large that I cannot even recognize myself (116.9kg/257lbs - around 100kg/220lbs now). But how they say don't wish it,do it. So let's go dancing!!