Have you ever had a model body to which you've always aspire to?
Mine has always been the Beyoncé tipe since I've always tought with less fat my body would have looked like her. Till I realized the only thing we have in commos is a prominent booty.

Yesterday I've seen Selena Gomez's hands to myself video and I was like...WOW! As you can see in my description's profile one of the things I brame is to feel sexy but not for someone else (let's say the more of the time a girl wants to make others girls look at her,boys no matter you wear or you make up) just to feel at ease with myself. I'm 22 years old and since I was 8-9 I decided to not wear anymore skirts or dresses because I felt like it was not a good look for others. Only exception was my 18yo party dress. I really cannot forgive myself to let the little Giusy has so stupid thinking and I still can't take off my mind that what people think doesn't matter.

Yesterday with that video I realized that I'm young and I don't wanna lose my possibility to wear something more "risque" or even more "childish". I don't wanna grow up with the thinking I dind't live at all my possibility and at all the best life can give me. Asking myself when that day will come,that one that no metter what and no matter who I'll feel like I'm going to rock the world!


Returning to me, I've lost 1 kg and I have 20 days and 3.2 kg to go to hit my goal! Plus I have a diagnostic scale,since last week I've lost 0.2 % of body fat so growing water and muscle of 0.1%. Yaay!