This week was a great one! I lost 1.4lbs at my Weight Watchers meeting even though there were so many obstacles for me! I went camping with friends this past weekend, and I could have let that get in my way of success. Instead I packed a cooler full of healthy food, and got in as much exercise during the weekend that I could! I also did five kickboxing sessions before leaving for the weekend, so I got that in as well! I have been loving kickboxing, but I need to remember to include running in my schedule as well. It's just been so hard because we are in a heat wave, so I either have to wake up super early, or stay up late, just to make the weather bearable enough to run. I prefer waking up early, but that means I have to go to bed earlier so I'm not too dead, and that doesn't always happen.

This week my goal is to work out every single day, whether that is kickboxing or running, no matter the length of time. Yesterday I did kickboxing after work, today I ran a little over a mile, then walked to finish out a little over two miles with my dog to get my cardio in since I am going to a baseball game tonight and won't be able to kickbox. My plan for the rest of the week is to kickbox Wednesday, maybe Friday, and Saturday, and run Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

I also have been trying new recipes, and doing Meal Prep Mondays, so that is nice! I prepped buffalo chicken cupcakes this week, and am excited to try them for lunch today! They are only 3sp for two cupcakes, so that's a super low lunch compared to what I prepped last week! Leaves me lots of room for breakfast/dinner!

I am SO close to reaching 100lbs lost, I am only 6.4lbs away!! My goal was to reach this by the end of August, so I have two more Monday Weigh Ins to achieve this! If I am super close but not quite there on Monday the 29th, I may push my weigh in to Wednesday that week, so I can end August with a bang! Here's to reaching my goals!!