Well I would like to say I missed everyone! Between Dietbet and my Fitbit friends I haven't been in much touch with everyone since my pregnancy. I became pregnant in the middle of a Diet bet last year in Sept. while I was pregnant I continued my personal training and kickboxing but in March my BP was too high and was told I had to stop. In June this year I had a precious little girl who we named Octavia. My son and her are my world right now. This summer I was on maternity leave and was so jam packed with activities for my son and recovering from a csection and then a tubal that was done on a different date that my world of exercisiing and weightloss was put on hold. Since I have been so sedetary over the past few months I finally have a set schedule with daycare and school now that I am ready to slowly start going back into my restart all over again weightloss journey!  :) 

Heres to a new dietbet and I will probably start a transformer as well but I have a feeling I might lose weight to quickly for the transformer and become disqualified as all I need to do is jump start my metabolism and it should take off on its own. 


Have fun and Diet bet on!