Today was the day , the day I was waiting for the start of my dieting and working out. I have been looking forward for this day in a long time with school finally in session and schedules all starting to sync I finally had time and energy to do the one thing that keeps me sane and that was work out and start back up running!!!


BUT today my "Yay!!" turned into OWWW:(

Getting back into the swing of working out is hard but whats harder is the pain you endear starting back up again. Back in June I had a csection and at the very end of July I had a Bilateral Tubal done.  I thought I was in the clear and that I waited long enough to heal back up, I no longer was having incision pain and all my horrible symptoms went away. 

I have gained over 60lbs from my pregnancy and healing from my surgeries and I am sad that I have gained this much weight. I did kickboxing most of my preganncy and ran a race in April but still managed to gain so much weight, BUT the weight is not mainly from my pregancy but more so from my surgeries. Surgeries do me in and put me out especially my tubal that took forever to even close up.

 My previous weight took me forever to lose (2 years to be exact) the last time all the pain and sweat I did just to lose the amount of weight I did is now back and staring me in the face. 

Today I decided to do something about that weight. As soon as I got home from picking my baby up from day care I took the dog for a walk before my son got home, then after feeding the baby and homework I jumped on my Cize DVD but only managed a 1/2 hour before the baby was crying to be held.

So I rocked her to sleep and started dinner. After dinner I was pumped to go for a run. Yay a Run!

Running keeps me sane, running sets me free away from work , away from kids, away from my "hubby" . 

Well let me just say after having a csection and a tubal that running without doing core work ahead of time is painful. My first thought after slow jogging past 3 houses was TURN BACK!! TURN BACK!! then came the tightness in the chest and gasping for air like my lungs havent been working its full potential in the longtest time ,the pain, my incision felt like ti was going to rip open but I kept going, I kept running anyways why because by the time I reached the 2nd block the pain went away , my lungs started to clear and my legs stopped cramping. I realized at that point that I just need to build back up to where I was at . I am restarting all over again and my body will have to live with that. 

No pain no gain is what they say, as long as you havent broken or tore anything, the begining workout stages are painful but well worth it in the end.