So, 4 weeks, uh? I can do this! I can remained focused, plan my meals, exercise almost everyday, & meet my goal! I sound excited don't I? I sound like I am committed and ready to hit the ball out of the park.

The truth is I'm scared. I'm nervous. I question my ability to lose weight period. I have been 220-230lbs since I gave birth to my daughter 9 years ago. I have tried almost every diet you can name. Yet, here I sit at weigh in, 228lbs.

I believe it has been a lack of accountability, consistency, and commitment that has brought me this point. These things that I ask of my child to do because I know how important it is for her to succeed in her life, yet I fail to strengthen in myself.

So, through, I am betting on myself, Nichole. I am betting Nichole to hold herself accountable for the exercise she's does or does not do & the food choices she makes. I bet on Nichole to be consistent no matter how far the goal line looks. I bet on Nichole to be committed to actually changing her lifestyle to a healthier one and seeing it through. I want Nichole to do this without some else's generalized diet plan & make the better choices.

Through, I am betting on Nichole to better her life.