I want to keep a great record of my new healthy lifestyle. I want to track what I'm eating (calories, macros), need an estimate of how long it will take me to reach my goal, and a record of my weight loss progression. So, I decided to consistently use my LostIt app I installed on my phone years (notice I said consistently). However, as I was searching the great world wide web, I discovered another interesting app, LifeSum.

OMG! After installing LifeSum app and using it for a day, let's just say I'm getting ready to free some storage. Sorry LoseIt! I think I am in love! LifeSum has a free version and a premium ($3.74 per month) version. So, I chose to take the free version for a test drive. You enter in your typical information (date of birth, height, current weight, female/male, etc..), you enter a goal to lose/gain weight or just eat healthier, and BOOM! It returns with length of time it will take to reach your goal and how many calories you should be eating. The format is beautiful which makes the app easy to understand. And my favorite part about this app, it grades your food choices (A - E) AND breaks your calories down per meal (3 meals, 1 snack). Just when I thought I was doing good, I received a D for my snack, toasted coconut vanilla greek yogurt and 1oz. of peanuts!! The peanuts were an A. The yogurt a C. Together a D. The premium version promised to tell me why it scored this way [insert LMAO face here]! I know that it doesnt sound very expensive, but I'm betting me to make the better choices, not the app. Anyway, this app should make this challenge way fun!!