...except for the bowl of popcorn I just ate... at 11:30PM. But at least it was stove-top popped with very little oil and salt. 

But I'm not worried. 

Not only get I get a 30-minute workout in post-work, I ate way smaller portion sizes for both lunch and dinner, ate only 1 midday snack, drank a bunch of water (did this make me less hungry, or was it because I spent less time at my desk?), AND got 16k steps in. I'm feeling pumped, but can I maintain this 4x per week? 

And most importantly, will this translate into weight loss?

Side note: There's a low likelihood I'll get in 16k steps 4x per week, especially as it gets colder outside, but I will try to compensate with a slightly longer workout time. I was pressed for time today since I had dinner plans with the BF. 

I'm spending this week into next examining my habits, and thinking about what triggers me to eat so much. I need to find the problem areas. 

I'll do an unofficial weigh-in around the halfway point, just to make sure I'm on track. I really don't want to fail. 

I've been reading A LOT about diet being way more important than exercise when it comes to weight loss. Not that exercise isn't important, but exercise alone won't lower your weight. I found myself constantly thinking about that throughout the day. Perhaps that's why my portion sizes got smaller. 

Anyway, onto FRIDAY, finally. I will try to get one more workout in before the weekend!