I've noticed especially since I have become a lifetime member, that I am more lenient than I should be on measuring certain items. I still measure all of my meats, starches and veggies but I am super lenient sometimes when it comes to tablespoons of peanut butter... aren't we all LOL :) As most of you know, I have a 3 and a 5 year old who are super picky eaters. Half the time they beg for something specific to eat, I make it and then they wont eat hardly any of it. So I will catch myself eating bites here and there. I have made myself aware of it and now if I have a some of theirs I MAKE SURE to track it. With ALL of my food I like to measure out the portions bc if i don't i always go over portion sizes. Especially with goldfish LOL. I say to myself... that ones broken he doesn't count. That ones missing his tail he doesn't count ;) When I measure them out the temptation to do that is gone lol. Plus the only person I'm cheating is myself because those extra goldfish add up to extra smartpoints. So my DietBet resolution is to make sure every bite I eat is put in my tracker and accounted for. As my weight watcher leader Vera Loves to say: If u bite it, write it. If u snack it, track it. If you nibble it, scribble it. If u hog it, log it. If u drink it, ink it. Grab ur pencil before the utensils.