I'm still the same girl I've always been.. I just have a different packaging. Yes, my attitude and outlook on food has changed but at the core I'm still me. I get told all the time "well I bet you're a completely different person now!" In some ways I am but in the ways that matter I'm still me. I'm not a different person. I'm just a BETTER and HEALTHIER version of myself. So much of weight loss is a mental game. Yes, of course there is a physical side of it. BUT the biggest part is how you see yourself and how you treat yourself. You have to believe you can accomplish your end goal. The key to my success is I didn't say "my goal is losing 165 pounds." I just kept saying "my goal is to lose 5 pounds." I kept setting small achievable goals so I wouldn't feel overwhelmed and want to quit. I still have insecurities. I still don't always feel pretty and I still have loose skin/ problem areas. However, I still feel like I've achieved the main goal. I went from morbidly obese to healthy. There's still things I want to tweek and still  more pounds I would like to lose but I'm happy that I'm healthy!!!!