I've lost 150 pounds naturally through hard work, dedication & exercise! I want to inspire others and show that anything is possible if you put your mind to it!! Follow along with me on IG: @marandab6985_lifetimeww

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Favorite Health Food: Watermelon

Favorite Sinful Food: Olive Garden Pasta

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking, Jogging & Workout DVDs

My Approach to Weight Loss: Weight Watchers and exercise!

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

My Diet Plan: Weight Watchers

Fitness/Exercise Apps: WW App, Carb Manager

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $433.15


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-4.3% Since last weigh-in-7.6 lbs
-4.3% 1-Month Change-7.6 lbs
+12.4% Lifetime Change+18.9 lbs

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Why I didn't give up!!!
by - 12/02/2016 12:28PM

I'm still the same girl I've always been.. I just have a different packaging. Yes, my attitude and o... Read More ›

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What an awesome story, thanks for sharing!


Thanks for sharing. Perhaps my goals have been out of reach because they were large goals. After reading your post I will set a small goals and continue from there.
My Journey from being Morbidly Obese to Healthy
by - 11/11/2016 10:12AM

Y'all my whole life I would lose and gain. I was such a yoyo dieter it was ridiculous. Before my wed... Read More ›

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Dear, it is awesome what a strong will you have, you've got my utmost respect. Take care xx


God BLESS you, such a amazing journey!!
Who's getting excited????
by - 11/09/2016 10:44AM

This dietbet has really given me a kick in the butt about getting excited again to excercise. I know... Read More ›

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crystal d.

Love this!! I'm super excited about this DietBet!! 6 months ago I was working out everyday and then I just stoped!! This is exactly what I need to get back to working out for 30min everyday and feeling good about myself again!! Thank you for inspiring all of us!!


do you keep stuff on hand if you get late night cravings? i can be doing so well and then i wake up out of a dead sleep and i wonder around trying to find snacks :(
The weight loss plan that finally worked for me!!!
by - 11/09/2016 10:33AM

What plan has given you success? I literally have tried it all (except actual weight loss surgery). ... Read More ›

Alicia W.

I love this! I recently listened to an audiobook (Better than Before) and the author spoke about two types of people. People who are okay with moderation or people who need to restrict. For me, I've noticed that I need to restrict....but not in a bad way. Like if there is a pan of brownies, I cannot limit myself to just one, I will eat 5. However, if I don't eat any then I feel fine. Does that make sense? I think that on WW, I am able to be this way because I know in the back of my mind I can have it if I want to track it.


You say you have been very successful with Weight Watchers and it shows!!!! I wonder though, did you try Weight Watchers just once and it worked on the first try or had you tried it in the past with not as much success as this time?
What I did to lose 165 pounds *FITNESS EDITION*
by - 11/07/2016 11:52AM

My number one asked question is, "Did you lose your weight on weightwatchers only and not exercise?"... Read More ›

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I just bought Country Heat from Beach Body and I love it. Wait! Before you block me - no, I am not a Coach and I don't do the shakes! I just love to pretend I know how to dance!!! It is so much fun. ?????

Anna Jo Ricky

I play at exercise! I own a small horse farm and there is way too much work for me to do there to justify gym memberships or planning time to "WORK OUT" so I set my thoughts on getting things done... for example, weeds I set my timer for say 5-10 minutes and pull weeds (and get them put in the burn pile) in my allotted time! I'll chop scrub trees, spray weed killer, pick up the dining room, clean a few stalls, clean the barn area, what ever I have in my head... its amazing what you can get done in just a few minutes... each time you have a little time. I do this between working 3 jobs, taking care of 6 horses and actually trying to keep up on house and barn! PLUS, here is how I look at it... personally I hate taking the time to work out, I think wow this time (and energy) could be used to get something done... and I know since I hate it I won't keep up with working out after my "diet" is over... so I have to find something I WANT to do.... (or should I say HAVE to do) keeping the house and barn looking good means a lot more to me than paying some big corporate place to provide me a tread mill! So I will continue setting my timer working on my chores and trying to keep up with life on the farm! NOT to mention step bet who pays me to do all this!!!
Weight loss with Binge Eating Disorder and how I manage it
by - 11/04/2016 11:57AM

Being overweight has been something I have personally struggled with since I was a small child. I ha... Read More ›

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Shapely girl

I am on your game plan. How do I play? I see lots of posts but are there challenges daily etc. or do I just read everyone's blogs?


I will post different challenges throughout the dietbet!!!
Bites, licks and tastes!
by - 10/29/2016 11:52AM

 I've noticed especially since I have become a lifetime member, that I am more lenient than I should... Read More ›

Benji D.

Might join your event :)