This is my first and probably only blog post as I'm kind of shy about sharing it is.

So when people discuss the motivations to lose weight I see so many of the same reasons. Health, living longer, being able to keep up with young children, getting married, reunions and stuff like that.
Don't get me wrong, these are of course valid and wonderful reason some of which apply to me as well. Like I have bad lower back pain from poor core strength and the extra weight is starting to take it's toll on my knees. But...I've got other reasons. They are small reasons. Ones that might not merit a second thought to some people but frequently run through my "reasons to lose weight" list.
I want to...
be able to wear high heels again.
not be one of the two heaviest women at my job.
not need an extension belt on an airplane.
be looked at sideways when I have a treat.
take a damn bath with a lot of water, not just a little because I take up the rest of the room.
be able to rise up out of the bath with ease instead of pulling myself up by the tub sides.
buy normal calf width boots.
get off of the couch without having to get a run at it by rocking front to back.
get off the floor without aid from a nearby coffee table or ottoman.
wear cloths I bought years ago, still new, waiting for weight loss to happen.
wear rings without my hands looking fat.
not make past lovers jealous, etc. but have them think...'I'd still want her'.
get a massage.
go horseback riding without it being animal abuse.
not feel too close to strangers on public transportation.
feel like I could get a second glance from someone walking by.
not have young kids ask "why do you bigger muscles than my dad?"
enjoy going shopping with others.
see my hip bones when laying on my back.
have better balance & get better at yoga.
have more grace in my movements.
wear a fitted skirt.
wear a bra with only 3 hook closures instead of 5.

Just even recognizing myself when I look in the mirror.

That's some of mine.
Please add your's to the list. Because the desire to lose weight can be a lot more than just because of health and longevity and those reasons are valid too.