For my health and I want to be better able to do yoga better. :-)

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Favorite Health Food: Peaches, berries, Ellenos yogurt, oats

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza, sweet creamy iced mochas, pop

My Approach to Weight Loss: CICO

My Weight Loss Program: Move more! :-)

My Diet Plan: Cut waaay down on bread and most carbs in general.

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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After a week of good efforts & the scale doesn't move.
by - 11/11/2016 7:34AM

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Lolette and Oscar

I too, worked very hard for a MONTH before my weight started moving. Please keep going. I promise that blasted scale will start moving.
Reasons to lose the weight.
by - 11/06/2016 7:11AM

This is my first and probably only blog post as I'm kind of shy about sharing but...here it is. So w... Read More ›

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Those are all valid and important reasons! May your journey be successful :-).One of my goals is to be able to fit into a yukata (cotton summer kimono) when I go to Japan next April with the family. I went in 2015 with just my husband and when we stayed at a traditional inn where they provide a yukata for you to wear to the hot spring bath, I couldn't even do up the largest male size properly - I had to wear a camisole underneath for decency. I don't mind having to ask for a larger size (Compared to the average Japanese, especially female, I am tall and the dimensions of kimono and yukata are proportional to height), but I aim to be able to wear it properly next time!


I loved your post!I have my reasons too and I think all these little things we don't do because of how we look are also a important part of who we wanted to be and not be able to do them are so...sad :( But we are in the right way! Just don't forget these little big things in a hard time! Because I count on them to stay in line! Imagine how wonderfull would be to look a dress in a store and be able to use it!