R.U.N-This used to be, and still can be, a four letter word to me. Let's put it this way...I'm still one of the last people to come in, but at least I'm moving, and that is progress.

One of the things I have learned within this quest for wellness, is that perseverance is key. There will be days that we choose to give into the temptation of donuts or the bag of Doritos, BUT that does not mean we have failed at everything. It’s just a speed bump and we have a choice to keep moving ahead towards our goals.

A year ago I became sick and tired of allowing food and complacency control my life. Seriously, I was allowing (and still can have tendencies) an inanimate object used to fuel my body to have dominion over me. I was at its mercy, it called to me (Twix and KitKats to name them directly), and it was a source of pleasure and comfort. One day, I thought to myself REALLY, I am allowing this food to master me. I kind of chuckled at the thought, because it just sounded so ridiculous. I became mad at food and then ACTIVELY CHOSE to take control back.

I’ve learned that a life of freedom is about self-discipline. If I was a recovering alcoholic, I would not allow myself one drop of alcohol, least I go right back into addiction. It is the same with sugar and foods that do not fuel my body efficiently; I have to actively choose to say NO. Not out of denying myself pleasure or fun, heck, I have more fun and pleasure with my new life of exercising, eating clean, and feeling good when I get out of bed each morning. In other words, my choosing to eat clean and be active is ALLOWING me to live a life free of disease, one full of energy and vigor, and one that I am able to pour into others and help them with the same struggles I have faced.

The word RUN, now means something else to me: R: remain U: under N: no-thing (nothing), in other words, I will remain under no-thing and allow it to control or have dominion over me.

I choose to only remain under the dominion of God Himself, and He is a being, not a thing.

How are you feeling today, friend?

What do you struggle with and what are the obstacles standing in the way of freedom?

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