OMG! My body is freaking me out! I was at goal yesterday. Today I am up 1.6 pounds! I know it's water, but REALLY!!!! I mean it has to be water. (1) I just didn't eat that much! (2) I was busy + I walked 13K steps + I played xbox dance and glistened (which was new to me)!

So what is the plan?

PLAN for the next 9 days - DRINK MORE WATER! + walking + xbox game exercise to sweat!

Drink more water - here's my past experience (1) for me it's hard. Coffee easy but plain water hard. I think I will add tsp-tbls, depending on glass size, to my 'sparkling' water. I will also add plain water through a straw to my list.  I expect to go up in weight the first day or two. I expect to drop oodles of weight (SWISH) the remaining 7 days - provided I stay on my diet plan!

What is your plan?

We have 9 days! Oodles of time really... if you plan for it! For me that is just like 3 ounces a day! Easy Peasy! WE CAN DO THIS!!!