Today is Friday February 24, 2017 and I woke up very excited, I start my diet bet on Monday and I just can't wait!!! I am so excited and feel like sharing it with the world.

I have done many diets before and many have not worked but I have noticed that the ones that have worked were the ones that I put money on, I have failed many diets but not this time, this time is different and I can feel it. I have a goal in mind this year and is to lose 40-45 lbs this year the healthy way, but in order for me to make this happen I need to mentally prepare myself. I need to stay focus on the game like if it was a superbowl game, I need to keep my eyes on the prize!

I have made a list of things I need to get from the market to prepare for the food that I need to be eating. I have been doing little steps like switching certain kinds of foods like oil, I no longer use the regular oil I use the coconut oil, the bread, I make sure its No Corn Frustuse Syrup, I have been eating more vegetables, not a lot but I try. For me the more knowledge I have and the more I know about vegetables helps me make the good choices in the market when I am walking by the healthy stuff aisle I think and say to myself, ok what can I make that will not make me loose 10 lbds just by smelling it?  So I take pictures you know from pinterest and it helps me not forget the food that are best for me, its hard but if I am not prepared to do this, I most liekly will say ok since I did not get coconut oil I will go and buy me a small pizza, lol, ugrh! I hate not being diciplined, it makes me mad that have to do this but i find it helpful for me to prepare myself mentally.


This might not work for everybody, but this works for me so I am sticking with it :)