Hello All,


I'm on my third week of diet bet, so far I have lost almost 4 lbs which I am very happy for that. Its been tuff, specially on the food part, I love food specially the bad one, lol.  This week one of my co workers had a birthday so there was cup cakes, and of course I was offered a cupcake and I said "no thanks" they were like come on is not like one cupcake will make you gain 20 lbs, and I thougth to myself, this is why I fail all the time, it all starts with a cup cake then a slice of pizza and the next thing you know I have cheated the who day then the whole week and I always say oh well I can start on Monday and that Monday never comes, NO not this time, I have to learn how to say "No Thanks" to people when they are offering something that is not good for me. I will no longer do this to myself.

Some people think that I don't need to lose any weight that I look fine how I am but they don't know how bad I feel when I am putting on my jeans and they don't close or when I look in the mirror and I am not happy with what I see. I am ready to make a chance. Nobody will make it happen for me, I have to want to change and if I put my hard work I know it will all pay off.

I can't wait to see me on my 8th week of my new life style. My husband think I will quit but I am going to prove him wrong, I will not only lose the weight but I will get fit. I will no longer fall for that burrito that looks delicious and that cake that is screaming out my name.

Soon the people that thougth I should loose weight will ask me how I did it and if I am willing to give them the secret. I will definetly give them advice but it all depends how bad do they want it.


Thanks for Reading!