So here I am in week one, Sadly I gained 3 lbs, not because I cheated, I was very good this whole week, I exercises in the morning 45 minutes a day for 4 days, I drank 8 glasses of water, did not eat past 6 P.M, I seem to be doing everything right but I am still not seeing the results in the scale. Yes I am not going to lie, I felt defeated, I feel like I am moving backwards instead of forward, but you know what, Rome was not built in one day, I'm sure they had setbacks here and there, nothing comes out perfect if you don't practice, I have to learn from this and analaze what I'm doing wrong, and instead of feeling defeated I will stay strong and continue to work hard if not harder. the scale will not defeat me. I will defeat the scale. I am working very hard and at the end of this I will see that every morning I got up at 5:00 A.M in the morning, every time I rejected a browny, every drip of sweat I work so hard for will pay off.


(dropped the mic) lol


Thanks for reading