DAY 721: Whatever floats your bloat

Ada G.

03/13/2017 11:09AM
Good luck! Before I got to the part stating you were going to do Whole 30, I was going to suggest adding kefir or another form of a probiotic to your day. I was having almost exactly the same symptoms as you described, along with poo issues, to the point I went in for a colonoscopy. Got diagnosed with IBS. The doctor of course prescribed super-duper meds at a super-duper price. After some research I decided to try the kefir route and have had great results. I look forward to seeing how you do on the Whole 30 as I have thought about it too. Not that I even have to ask, but please be honest! lol

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Oh man, IBS sounds terrible!! My symptoms haven't been too extreme, it's mostly just a lot of bloating and some weird cramping sometimes, but also some very unwelcome constipation. The reason it's been odd to me is that it's unusual. I've never had digestive issues before for prolonged periods that I wasn't able to immediately figure out. I will definitely report back on Whole 30!

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