I am excited to start this new focus on myself! It's all about me, me, me, me, me! And that's o.k.! That's the way it ought to be!

Inventory prompt

What do I crave or hunger for? What am I satisfied or happy with? Where is the love?

Sometimes 'hunger' is beyond the mere consumption of food.

  • I crave routine and mindful habits. (Not forgetting to take care everyday!)
  • I am hungry for life and peace. (Love the flowers & bees but can everyone else just go away for a while?)
  • I am satisfied with my resolve and my level of optimism. (Bargaining with myself to stay out of the chocolate stash in freezer).
  • I hope to cook up an unquenchable fire under me. (And some sort of polenta dish with this head of califlower taking up space in my fridge).
  • I am happy with my willing spirit. (You're going to do this, in fact you are doing this!)
  • I love having this spot to be. (Gratitude precedes happiness).
  • Inspiration is mine. (I just don't know what to do with it yet!)
  • Color me inspired!  (Staying within the lines is optional!)