While today I acknoledged that in the last couple of months I have let myself go and it is a very ugly feeling.  Friday I had to put on a pair of jeans that use to hang on me and they were tight.  I have to deal with changes in my life and the bigget change right now is the one that has me learning to adjust without my daughter being at home.  She went away to college and we spent so much time together and I really miss her each and every day, she does come home each weekend so far but I know that financially this is something that will not continue and for her safety due to the awful weather we have her I want it to become less.  I see her getting a job in the future at school on the weekends and having fun with new friends she will be making.

Today I need to go and jog a bit due to the fact over a year ago I registered for a 10k and I can't remember the last time I acturally jogged.  The big event is next Saturday and I was going to just pick up the shirt and not participate, however a friend of mine reminded me I can complete this task and I should.  I want to accomplish the goal of letting the weight go and keeping it off and remembering I deserve to look good and feel good.  

I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow prior to work and jogging at least 2 miles and walking a while also.  I have to get ready for Saturday and take my life back.

Good luck to all my fellow dietbet competitiors and lets take control of our lives.