While I am on day 2 with no cheating last night.  It was a little harder due to the fact that I hung out at a friends house while I waited for my son to get off work until 11.  They were eating alredo ravioli and OH it looked good but I didn't eat it.  I did nible on some asparagus that was good.  

I feel better although my jeans are snug I know in a couple months things will fit better and I will have more confidence again.  It is going to be a stressful time in my family my brother has another surgery this Friday and it is not good so if anyone has some extra time please keep in him your thoughts.  He has been through 12 surgeries since last May and it is getting harder on him emotionally and I'm learning not to ask a ton of questions.  

I have been doing better at keeping my house clean and putting everything away at night before I jump into bed.  I think the one thing we all need to do is be happy and realise we are given each day and we need to make the most of it.

I'm thankful I found this website and look forward to seeing what my weight will look like on Friday.