When I first started with Diet Bet, I actually joined 3 different bets to keep me motivated and also in my mom's honor for a charity that is close to my heart, so planned to continue with Diet Bet and any winnings split the proceeds 50/50 to the charity.  As I exercised and was eating right I was definitely on the right track until Sunday, September 14 when I got the call from my Dad about my mom being rushed to the hospital.

So needless to stay any thoughts of the "bet" went out the window. After my mom was removed from life support on the 18th, I sort of shut down for a few days, but I did try to get myself back on track, finishing 6.5 miles in her honor (which is longest I have done at one time), but it has been difficult. 

I took to using this blog as a way to talk about my mom and my feelings and that she was so proud of me going towards the healthy route, so I did weigh myself last Sunday and found that in the week or so in ICU I had put on 3lbs of what I had lost, which I can honestly say I wasn't surprised by.  Hosptials don't always have the greatest foods and honestly my appetite was horrible.

And my blood pressure definitiely went completely off kilter, which come to find out affected my emotions, mood and activity level.  Before this period, my doctor had begun to work me off the meds for blood pressure, but now I am back on my regular dose with a booster to help me get through the next few weeks.   And this morning, I am finally (for today) feeling more like myself.  While I am still sad and not sure how long that will be until that goes away, my energy is coming back and my headaches are subsiding.  I got on the scale this AM to discover my weight is now back down to where I was prior to Sunday, so I am happy to say I am back where it all started.

Will I "win" my DietBet this time around?  Who knows? Do I care? Not really.  If I do great, if not I know I am going in the right direction :)

Thank you for letting me vent and just write ;) I am including one of my mom's paintings.  I hope you enjoy.