As I sit here today, my mind of goes to my mom and her struggles throughout the years in dealing with weight, her fights with cancer and other illnesses throughout her 64 years.  I know now she is finally at peace and no longer in pain; however it is hard to think that I can never just call her to talk.  While we had our struggles, she and I were very close and shared alot with her. 

She was always concerned with my health because of her struggles, so I am so glad that even though she did not get to see me at my healthiest, she did get to see me at my healthiest I have been in my 40 years and was so proud that I was stepping towards a better lifestyle and improving my overall health.  I'm sort of using this blog to remind myself of how proud she was of me making these changes, which reinforces to me that I need to stay as much as I can on the right path, no matter what others are saying about taking a few weeks to just let loosing her settle in.

In all honesty, that actually really upsets me because I will say I feel more driven to do this, yes for myself, but also in her honor.  And when individuals are telling me to "take my time to get back into everything", this situation has reminded me that...time is something that is a luxury and it is not always available as in my mom's case.

I'm pretty much just using this and DietBet to get myself back in control of my lifestyle change.  For me now, it doesn't matter if I "win" or not, but it is more important that whatever the results I am continuing to move in the right direction.

My photo to the right is my favorite goofy picture of me and my mom that I wanted to share.  I appreciate those of you who have read and hopefully it is okay that this blog has become a bit or my diary/sounding board. I LOVE YOU MOM and promise that I will continue my healthy lifestyle in your honor.