Wow.    Here I am, first 50 pounds down from my top weight, thanks to DietBet and MyFitnessPal and hard work, and then almost 20 pounds up by completely ignoring the whole thing.  

WHAT is the MATTER with me?!  How could I let that happen!?  I KNEW better, but I did it anyway!


Ok, sure, menopause hit right after finishing the last DietBet.  Yeah, sure, serious family health issues arose. 

But ... so what?   Why should THAT be an excuse?  Short answer:  It isn't.


I know now just how fast that weight will pile back on, and I'm absolutely not going to let THAT happen again.  I've got to lose the weight I already lost once (dang it), and then go BEYOND to my final, ultimate, REAL personal goal weight.  If I lose 30 pounds, I'll be at my "Happy Weight."    No ... make that WHEN I lose 30 pounds.


Ain't no "if" about it, in this mindset.  I know what it takes, and thinking positive means assuming I'm going to do what it takes to get there, and just following through on that assumption.  And I will. 



Soooooooo ... starting TODAY, it's time for some SERIOUS work-out time!  Off to the elliptical trainer, I go!