I know how to do this.

I've succeeded.  I've hit my goals. 

I've traveled part of the way to where I need to be, and now I need to go the rest of the way.

From 210 to 160 brought a lot of joy and life back to me.


But, it didn't help that after losing that 50 pounds (45 of 'em on DietBet), menopause hit me with all its attendant hormonal swings.   I've just finished taking a short break from DietBet while I figured out how to deal with that change of life -- first gaining back 5 pounds because what USED to work wasn't working so well any more.

It also didn't help that I then gained back 10 more because my mom-in-law had a debilitating stroke and suddenly all the 'placing the priority on ME' went right out the window as we shepherded her recovery through the hospital, the rehab facility, staying with family, and finally (tomorrow) getting her back to her own home.

BUT!  Lemonade out of lemons ... that intervening period sure gave me time to work out the minimal bioidentical hormonal dosing to get me back to 'stable,' and now I'm ready to tackle that now-remaining 20-30 pounds to my goal weight.

I am going to beat 'the menopause effect' with a stick, dammit. And  I am going to regain the focus I know I need to fight past the slings and arrows life throws at us.

Just watch me.