Hello All!

My name is Chelsy, I am 22- a wife, and a mom of a 2 year old. I started my weightloss journey 17 weeks ago.I have started to hit a plateau so I decided that DietBet 10 would be a great idea for me. So far I have lost 30 pounds and 4 pants sizes down- Yet I still need to loose 70-80 pounds or so to achieve a healthy weight and toned body. I already feel much better in the skin I am in- and feel like I am more healthy than I look. That aspect is sort of discouraging- I am still a fat person to a stranger no matter being 30 pounds down or not. I feel embarrassed to say I have lost that much- with still so much to go. Especially when the person I am usually talking with couldn't loose 40 pounds and still look healthy. I need to stop being my own worst critic.               



I did Ferrell's Extreme Body Shaping 10 Week program this summer to get me going and I learned SO MUCH. For the first time in my life I feel like I understand a tiny bit about nutrition and how much my body can actually handle. I am eating more than I have in my entire life and am loosing weight. It has all been about counting macronutrients, eating wholesome non-processed foods, controlling how much sugar( less than 55g) and fat (Less than 30g) I consume, and making sure to eat 5-6 meals a day with the last meal being only protein. Having only protein as my final meal has helped me more than words can explain. I LOVE cereal and ice cream... and I would enjoy them on a nightly basis without fail. Now I give my muscles some food to eat up while I sleep and feel guilt free about a bedtime snack.

I allow myself one cheat day/free day where I don't have to work out or watch what I am eating... but I do anyway-because I am to the point where I WANT to work out- I WANT to put only quality fuel in my body. When I really am having a hard time during the middle of the week I will eat a half a serving of Dark Chocolate- the kind I like is more fiber than sugar and contains about 5 ingredients (Lindt Excellence 85% cocoa Extra Dark for those of you who love chocolate).


Since Ferrell's has been over I have been going through the Insanity Dvd Set with my husband. We just started month two and AHHH it is so hard- they added about 10-15 minutes to every workout. But I feel ready for it. We alternate cardio 3 times a week and resistance bands 3 times a week-- alternating between upper body and lower body.


I am worried that dietbet will make me forget about the nonscale victories and get so caught up with not loosing my money. EVERYONE! please remember the nonscale victories. We are healing our bodies from within.


Thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting all of you!