I can't believe I just bought a bikini... probably a terrible sign I didn't even want to walk out of the dressing room in it. I am 70 pounds less than last year at this time... yet I doubt I would have gotten it if it hadn't of been for my husband with me convincing me it was his favorite. I am very surprised I liked it.. I was only grabbing tankinis at first and decided to grab just one bikini... well this is the one. 

I have 17 days til I am on the beautiful shores of Daytona Beach... not much progress will happen by then but I sure am motivated to eat right and workout more! 

Since my husband likes it and find that I look sexy in it... I shouldn't care what anyone else thinks....... but I am still feeling very self conscience (40 more pounds til my goal of 130). I am already comparing myself to other women and loosing...and I am not even at the beach yet. 

I think more than anything.. more than the jiggle and pastey whiteness... I am being most concerned with my stretch marks from having my son.... they are ALL over. He is almost 3 so they are pretty faded... and probably 2 feet away you can't even tell... (well that is what I am trying to convince myself of anyway). *Sigh* Did I make a mistake? Am I gonna scare people away??!?!?!