I have a tea party coming up and decided to look through my closet for something to wear... Not only did I fit EVERYTHING I tried on from seriously 3-4 years ago... but some of the stuff was size 12 (from size 20)! I put boots on and pranced around the house... I have never felt so proud of my legs and body. I am def carrying my weight differently on the way back down. First off because I have MUSCLE--- and because I have had a baby. I still have a journey to go- but I am a hell of a lot better now. 

Plus on top of that, today I was told by 4 different people that I look like I have lost weight. Craziness! I decided to take an updated photo... 45 pounds down and wow... I can really see it. I look like a whole different person. 

My husband and I celebrated by going out and sharing a 1/2 piece of Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake... probably the worst Idea ever- I did stay away from alcohol ;)  I am kind of proud because I ate a 1/4 of a piece instead of the whole darn thing. But on the other hand it was probably a poor choice. I just really needed chocolate! I am going to work on rewarding myself with nonfood... it just seems like the most satisfactory at the moment. I ate very well today and felt like I had room to eat a little extra sugar and fat. My heart told me it was ok. Enjoy life. Enjoy in moderation.