I am a mother of 4 kids ages: 15, 12, 11 and 11...I am a fitness guru, author, trainer, model, etc...

My interests are very diverse, but I love most physical activities and outdoors stuff.  I am very interested in helping others BELIEVE they can be BUFF!  A BIG passion of mine is HORMONES...they are the amazing Regulators of our body! They control everything but you can control them to some extent through your diet, exercise and supplementation! It's very amazing!!


I am a mother/wife , who's spent the past 11+  years  building a fitness business called "BUFFMOTHER". www.BuffMother.com officially launched 10 years ago (in jan of 2005) I developed the site myself and used my success in figure competitions and pictures to prove that women can be buff and beautiful after babies.


My youngest 2 children (girl twins) aree now 11 which means it'll be a 12  of consistent exercise for me come next JULY. I have another daughter who is almost 13 and a BIG SON who's 15.  My hubby and I've will celebrated 21 years of marriage...which means I'll be 40 in June. I have to be honest I'm kinda FREAKING out about the big 40!! eeekkk!!

I am constantly trying to become a better person.  I am always striving to learn more (about everything) and I don't pretend to KNOW IT ALL...I welcome everyone to share their experiences and expertise.  I believe as a TEAM we are stronger and that in order to win NO ONE has to lose! We are all capable of winning!! So let's help each other become our best!


Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your life, I am truly honored to be a leader here in DietBet.com thanks for letting me be your BUFFMOTHER!! :)

Love you,


p.s. be sure to join my first game that starts 11-11