I haven't been as active as usual with posting etc.  because both my children have a brittle bone disease "Osteogenesis Imperfecta" and loose joints - my son is 19 and has had 49 broken bones/fractures and my daughter will be 17 next Monday and has had around 50 broken bones/fractures.  This time of year when the weather changes and the cool air moves in is very hard on the areas with past breaks and seems to promote new problems. 

Sunday one of my daughters friends nudged her in the shoulder, like you would when you see a friend and say hi, how are you doing, there was a loud pop and immediate throbbing pain.  We spent Monday morning at her primary care doctor and was then sent to the hospital for X-rays.  Next Monday (her birthday) we go back to hospital for an MRI. 

Last year at this time she had a broken thumb, (picture attached - seemed appropriate with halloween just around the corner).

The year before that it was a bad dislocated knee which required surgery (on her birthday), staples, five days in the hospital, 3 months in a wheelchair. 

One year she broke her leg so she dressed as a football player for Halloween.  She had a green helmet, a white and green uniform and a green cast. Sad but I must say she was too cute!!

Hopefully we will hear from the doctor soon to know what we are dealing with this time!