I am getting married in less than a year.

This isn't coming as a surprise. I've been with my now fiancé for over 7 years and we got engaged over a year ago. But somehow the reality of less-than-one-year is now beginning to hit. 

I've done all the fun stuff: picked out bridesmaids dresses, colors, favors, venues and songs. And now what's left is the more unfun stuff: buckling down and saving money, meeting the multiple pre-marriage requirements of our church, filing papers, and of course... losing weight.

For several reasons that I won't get into at this moment, but will try to address in future posts, losing weight and maintaining it can be challenging. I know what I need to do. I know how to do it. But the follow through can be tough. I've experimented with different strategies with varying levels of success and failure. I am glad to have recently learned of dietbet though because I expect it will work for me for the following reasons. 

I already have the resources I need: a food plan and extensive nutritional knowledge, a gym membership and interest in activities I enjoy, and support from family. 

I now have an excuse. When confronted with a carpe diem food moment, saying no (to yourself and the social group) can be really hard. By saying that I have a bet, I can explain my choice to not indulge without caving or alienating peers.

And arguably most importantly...

I am a competitive person. And I'll be dammed if someone else is going to get my hard earned dough. 


In a week that has started off with several stressful issues both personally and professionally, I am glad to have a silver lining in getting started with dietbet. Looking ahead to the future can be overwhelming, but running the numbers on where I know I will be health-wise by the end of 6 months puts me into a motivated and eager mood. CHEERS to the weigh in on Oct 19th!