Do you ever feel like your life has no consistency?

Try as I may to create healthy routines, fairly frequently circumstances arise that really throw me off track. They aren’t always bad things, but when you are trying to lose weight and get in shape, they aren’t ideal. And this week, well, take a look:


Monday – Meeting with the CEO. Very nervous. Went well. Celebrated / relaxed with a glass of wine with dinner.

Tuesday – Found out my sister was in town by surprise for work. She lives far away, so I carved out the time to visit with her instead of going to the gym. We went out to dinner and had 2 cocktails.

Wednesday – Sister still in town. Visited my home. I skipped gym, no time to cook, ordered pizza and salad takeout.

Thursday – I am the chair of programs for a local professional association. We hosted a networking cocktail hour that I had to help run. Got there early. No gym. Red wine

Friday – Halloween, ‘nuff said.

Saturday – Tried on wedding dresses with the women in my life along to help. Celebrated with dinner and drinks after. But I did get to the gym!

Sunday – Got on the scale and was surprised by what I saw. Then remembered how each day I strayed from my plan.


On each of these days I started strong with a healthy breakfast and lunch, but the dinners were unexpected, unplanned, or just indulgent.

Has this ever happened to you? The ‘when it rains it pours’ effect? What do you do to deal with these super busy, very social weeks?

I know this week and the next will go better, so I can get back on track. But this big speed bump was deflating. Back on the horse as they say.