Juicing Day 5

It’s just over the midway point. I’m loving it. But it’s daunting to think I won’t eat for today and another three days.

I went crazy in the evening with cooking and looking up recipes. My mind is spazzing over food, obviously. It’s what hunger does to me. I’ve been hungry for an extended period before in Mongolia, when I was little girl in 1992. That Spring and Summer were tough. People were not happy there. Teachers were on strike. So me and my classmates played outside with jumpropes instead of staying in an empty classroom, for days on end. We would sometimes have an interim teacher, but they all left at some point.

Part of the reason wasn’t just quitting work, it’s that food was getting so scarce that the government started rationing what was there. So then you had all these 3-4 hour lines for bread and another line for meat, another for milk, etc. How could anyone go to work? They need to make sure the family has food and that was the only way.

Anyhow, I remember clearly when my mom came home with lots of Korean ramen noodles later in the summer, after we were used to looking for crumbs and mixing water with whatever we could find or scrounge. Those were the best ramen noodles ever. I was too impatient to even cook them. I’d just sneak a package open and nibble raw, in heaven.

Hunger is a beautiful and obsessive thing. I just neatly filled a journal with Indian vegetarian gluten free recipes. Haha.

Juicing Day 6

I had a talk with a close and dear mentor, who’s older than my mom. She thought that the seasonal timing was wrong for my fast, that the weather was getting colder so we should naturally be consuming more harvest foods and fat, food is plentiful in nature, not scarce like in Spring, and that my starving myself is going to deplete not just my energy right now but my hormonal balance and healing ability through the winter season.

Anyway, out of respect for my wishes, she didn’t feed me the stew she was going to, she made me some miso broth, and told me to brace my strength with more bone broth and substantial liquids, if I was going to keep to this thing. She gave me chopped up goat neck to broth and huge lamb roast to have as a celebration of accomplishment, after I’m done with “starving myself.” I love her. Isn’t she the best?

My hunger is a little bit out of control, but I’m not all over the wall like three or four days ago, when blood sugar level became an issue. I am not doing very much fruit juices anymore because the insulin levels just suddenly spike and I get a rush and a bad crash. It’s really noticeable when just juice fasting. I did have some vegetable broth on day 3 and day 4. Not sure if I mentioned that.

I'll keep plucking along here.