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My Approach to Weight Loss: Veggies and protein!

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+7,4 kg ... what happened?
by - 02/25/2015 8:05AM

All x-mas I was so happy I was not overeating. Come januari and I haven´t put down the knife and for... Read More ›

Jogger Girl

I was wondering where you've been!
What is it really about?
by - 12/13/2014 1:26PM

Ok, here I go again this time of month. Period in a couple of days. I have had 2 weeks of flow. Eati... Read More ›

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Everybody has some great things to say. I like the part about your making decisions. I think being conscious is a huge thing when it comes to food. So some days you will make a conscious decision to consume more calories for any number of reasons (not excuses). I have a hard time with controlling my sort of sub-conscious eating.

Tonya N.

The after picture is really thin! That being said.... It's also a body a tween might have. So be careful about setting your goals too thin. We are women not tween or teans. Society places too much pressure on us. Even those models are not as thin as they airbrush them to be! I got down to 129 last time I was losing weight and honestly it was too thin for my 47 year old body. I need a little more weight to fill out my wrinkles for one! I feel the best at about 135, and I feel good at 145. I'm only saying that to challenge your thinking, and your goals. If you shoot to small your body will fight you. Also, adding muscle will allow for more calorie intake without adding inches to your waistline. The more toned and muscle the more your body burns at rest. Now things like sugar are not good for us no matter if they make us gain weight or not. I do love it though and it seems to be a like a drug. Either I'm having it or I'm not.... I don't seem to find a middle ground.
Hard to not go hard but much better
by - 12/04/2014 8:44AM

Okej guys, I´m in a dilemma. I need to loose about 3 kgs in 18 days and one part of me says I will n... Read More ›

Rebecca C.

I think that is the right decision, Jenny. I have only made one or two of my goals in my current diet bet 10 game. We are now in round 6. I have a fairly good shot of making it. It was frustrating at first not making the goals but like you I think for me it is best to go slow and steady and have a better shot of maintaining it than go fast and furious and end up gaining it all back plus some as soon as the same is done.
Excuses will make me fat - food wont
by - 11/29/2014 11:35AM

Oh dear, here are my exuses for f-ing upp my eating this week: Physical: I had PMS. I had my period.... Read More ›

Little success
by - 11/06/2014 10:05AM

When im tired its really hard not to eat over tdee. So yesterday i ate 700 over tdee.  Today i was i... Read More ›

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Awesome!!! :)
Recovering from intense exersice without overeating
by - 10/28/2014 11:07AM

This vacation is comming to an end soon. Friday we get home to rainy november sweden. But tomorrow w... Read More ›


I'm so impressed by all that you've been doing! And I realize that tiredness is one of my big triggers too!


You're doing great! Have fun!!! :)
Dealing with cravings from hell -gaaahhh
by - 10/27/2014 11:50AM

Yesterday I rode the bike for 55 miles (90 km) and today I´m sooo tired and want to eat. Took a rest... Read More ›

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Awesome job!!! :)
How to say no at parties - don´t blame others for your crappy desitions!
by - 10/24/2014 1:03PM

Many have talked about saying no at parties so I thought I could tell about my experience. For 10 ye... Read More ›

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Stephanie M.

What a great post! Thanks for sharing Jenny! Parties are one of the most difficult things for me. In China I don't have much of a problem with it because I don't really know the people here so saying no isn't really a problem. My problems are when I'm home and I go to my parents house and they want to make me my "favourite" meals filled with foods I don't eat anymore. Or out for drinks with my friends who expect me to drink 6+ pints of beer because that's what I used to do. I still have 8 months before I have to face all of that but I really liked reading about how you dealt with it :)


What great observations!! I will try to remember them next time I need them!
Being complete as we are - or filling our souls with food
by - 10/22/2014 2:35AM

I saw a documenary Ayahuasca: vine of the soul last week and one section stuck with me about addicti... Read More ›

The mountain that took my fat!
by - 10/20/2014 11:18AM

This is a image of the amount of fat I have burned in approximently two days 1750-ich calories defie... Read More ›

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