Was I crazy for thinking I could lose a significant amount of weight during the holidays?  Yes, yes I was.  


We have three months of major celebrations (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, friend's birthday, New Years), with all of the signature hibernation-inducing feasts that accompany them!  

Compound that with the fact that it's unseasonably cold this year in South Carolina (snow on Nov 1st?? We're usually still in t-shirts and flip-flops!), and I feel like curling up in a cucoon and not coming out until March.  It's so easy right now to just eat all of the yummy baked goods, loaf around on the couch during all of my free time, and wear pajama pants all. day. long.


But that's not what I'm going to do.  I will run.  I will eat my veggies.  I will make healthy substitutions for comfort foods.  I will drink lots of water.  And I will adhere to consuming only in levels of moderation.  


I've done more this year for my health than I've ever been able to accomplish before.  How nice will it be on January 1st to NOT resolve to lose more weight and get healthy, but to already be there?  For once, I can focus my yearly goal on something else.  Maybe reward myself with some other type of enrichment (run a half marathon, learn a new language or skill?), rather than having to continually focus on the one thing that's held me back my entire adult life.  

Well, I've just worked myself up into a fit of motivation!  I can do this!  We can all do this!  

Happy holidays and good luck!  Now, where's my Christmas music?