I am really nervous about starting and not finishing.  That is a habit of fine. I was following an eating plan and I lost 5lbs in a week. Then my husband insisted we go to Vegas and I was not able to bounce back.  Of course, I blame my husband istead of taking responsibility. I am hoping that since this is a contest that I will do well.  I am a competetive person and with the holidays around the corner, I really need to just start and not wait until I gain another 10 lbs.  Did you guys know that Express only carries sizes up to 12?  What the heck!  I am a size 10 and a size away from not being able to shop there.  I am sitting tight in my size 10 clothes and refuse to buy a size 12 (what I need to be comfortable).

Sigh!  I can do this!  I can do this! I can do this!