So I started to eat clean and today is day #2.  I know, I know!  Relax, there is still a long road ahead.  Don't they say it takes 21 days to break/make a habit? Well that is my goal (short term).  I caved today and I am having a granola bar (just 1).  I just felt so nautious and light headed.  I ate oatmeal with blueberries, ground turkey with veggies and coffee.  I am sipping on tea right now.  I am supposed to eat 2 more meals today (its 3PM PST) but I really do not feel well.  I just want to leave work and lie down.  Screw the gym too!  I am only doing cardio, I know I know.  You need a combination of strenght training and cardio, but since cardio is my comfot zone (running), I wanted to give that a go until I reach a comfortable level.  After that, then I will happily add strength training.  Right now I am happy just getting my lazy-ass to the gym period.  

This headache though, ugh!  It went away after the granolar bar.  I did try to push through but I felt too nautious and it was not okay.  I guess my body needs to ease into the healthy eating but screw that! I am in a contest and don't have time for that. Plus in all honesty, I don't eat that bad. I overeat food period.  For example, I will snack on a whole box of wheat thins.  I will have 3 bowls of Total Cereal.  I will eat 4 tacos instead of 2.  My only weakness is chips/salsa at Mexican restaurants.  Well not my only, but my main one.  I don't visit fast food and rarely eat candy/soda.  I just need to up the ante on my veggies and sleep well.

Phew.. okay no more granola bars even though I want another 1.