Hello, Dietbetters!

It's been a while. I started using Dietbet over a year ago to get me started with getting rid of my excess weight. I've come a long way since then... I haven't been on a scale in a couple of months, but the last time I was, I weighed under 150. That was a long way from the 195 I weighed when I started using Dietbet! I got the first 25 bs off on dietbet and got another 20ish off just being diligent about keeping Paleo. I've maintained my wieght loss for about 6 months now! All in all I am so proud of how far I've come. It's time to get that final 15 pounds off, though! They've been stubborn and I think the extra motivation that comes from having Dietbet to keep me on track will help me get down to somewhere in my goal range (125-135). It's been so long since I was even close to my goal range that I don't quite know where my body will be happy now, so I'm willing to be flexible about where I finish (as long as I win! lol).

I look forward to getting back on that horse and wrapping this up. I look forward to getting it done with you all! (: