OK, I can see now - this is going to take some self dicipline.  I am completely opposed to self dicipline - except for other people.  I think they should use it all the time.  And then I'd like to be free (around those who are using self dicipline) - to simply act on my impulses.  I know - you're saying, "I don't want to meet her while she's driving a car."  And you're right

I mean, if I really didn't use self dicipline - I'd be a disaster on the road.  But even though I realize  I have to use self dicipline in all other area's of life - it's the way a free society works - we don't allow, "Everyman to do what seems right in his own eyes."  We expect people to stop at stopsigns - obey the rules of going to work every day and a miriad of other things - somehow - when it comes to eating less and correctly - I rebell against using self dicipline.  "Leave me alone" I say, "Bring me that cupcake"  or large bowl of extra butter, extra salt popcorn, or Cherry pie - OK - I think food for me, is like a porn addiction for someone else- I've got to get control over my IMPULSES.   'A moment on the lips - forever on the hips' and all that.

More on this later - it at least feels good to talk about it.

And what really helps me - If I'd do it correctly - is my fittness pal- logging in every food I eat and not cheating.  I'm going to begin there - it's 10AM here on my small island, off the coast of Georgia - and I'm begining today.  As my friends in AA say - one day at a time.  Only it's more like one hour, one minute - one food craving at a time.