OK, so according to the scale, I have lost 9 pounds in the first three weeks.  This is amazing to me, as I haven't lost 9 pounds in any one three week period for YEARS!!!  I did it, by visiting the diet bet site every day for encouragement and by staying at 1200 Calories a day (some days higher) and Most IMPORTANTLY keeping my total carb intake below 130 Carbs a day.  (Which is actually more difficult than one would imagine - I mean - I'm not allowed to eat unlimited amounts of dark chocolate cookies -repeatedly- as each one of those has 44 carbs)  And I have virtually eliminated candy and flour from my diet.  

BUT, and this is huge...I did a little cheat/reward- tonight and I'm going to tell you about it.

I made that very simple microwave fudge (google it) - which includes semi sweet chocolate chips, sweetened condenced milk, and nuts and a splash of Vanilla flavoring.  STOP !!  HERE IS THE COOL PART:  I did put about 1 and one quarter cups of walnuts.  (Recipie called for 1.5 cups) and substitued the final 1/4 cup of nuts with CHIA SEEDS.  They make me full.  They make me feel full.  I LOVE THEM!!!  And when I broke down all the servings of everything - and all the fiber, etc - it wasn't bad for a small truffel size piece of fudge - so I had two!  AND, it was wonderful.  And then I made myself a cup of dark coffee with cinnamon powder in the coffee - and I rolled the rest of the fudge into truffel size balls, two per a cupcake wrapper and put them in the freezer.  

All I'm saying here - is Add Chia seeds.  You don't even taste them in the fudge.  Next time I might add more.  And they make the truffels - ie fudge - go further.

And now I wish Christmas joy to everyone on Diet Bet.  I might not comment on your posts/comments but I read them and they encourage me.  Now - what if - just what if this works for a full six months and I'm down to my goal weight!  HOLY COW - I might have another truffel or two then!