What defines you?

Cara H.

11/19/2014 9:56AM
I'm glad your body image is getting better. It'll probably take a while for your brain to catch up to your body. Stare at yourself in the mirror sometimes. That'll help your brain connect to reality. You have a lot more heavy snapshots in your head right now and need to replace them. As far as others go, a trick that I've used is to switch it from losing weight to gaining something. For instance, someone mentions the weight I've lost and I gush about how I demonstrated a frog hop on deck to my water aerobics students and couldn't believe how easy it was to do. It's REALLY hard to disagree or disparage something like that. When people ask how much I plan on losing, I don't give them a number. The number is for me and those I trust with it. I tell them I'm listening to by body. I'm eating healthy, exercising, getting enough water and sleep, and letting my body decide what the scale will say. Hard to argue with that and you've already slipped in the treating my body right part. Congrats.

Roxanne C.

Thanks Cara. Some good advice in there. I have been staring in the mirror a bit more and last night during Zumba, i was actually watching myself do some of the moves, and was shocked at how good my legs look! They actually look thin to me. I'm looking more like me again and loving it. Thank you again! :)

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