What defines you?

Samantha W.

11/21/2014 10:36AM
I think it's very good to think about and discuss thing sort of things. I have noticed that I feel a lot better about my body when I exercise then when I diet, even though the scale doesn't change much or at all (I have a hard time doing both simultaneously). Sometimes when I am exercising a lot I think I have an inflated sense of how good I look, ha!

I also think that clothes should be made to fit human bodies, not the other way around. Every person's body is so different so even if you get smaller, you might still not look good in a certain thing. For instance, I've sort of come to the conclusion that I will never look good in a mini skirt. It's just not me, and wouldn't be flattering for me. Some women pull it off great. Just a thought...

Also, I'd like to touch on this Body Dismorphic Disorder. I think as a culture we all suffer from this to some extent (except made a lucky few). I think it's great to be aware of this and try to love our bodies no matter what.

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