I seemed to have planned my meals better today, as I wasn't as hungry as I was the last two days. I even noticed that I moved quicker through the halls at work today, almost effortlessly. When I came home, I enforced eating dinner before going out grocery shopping. I didn't want us to buy a bunch of unnecessaries because we were hungry, or to stop at some unhealthy food joint. At the store, I made sure to buy a bunch of fresh vegetables.

I didn't get home until 9PM and was feeling tired, so I decided to do some yoga....something easy-going but getting me moving. I went on to YouTube and looked up Yoga Zone, as that was my first experience with yoga as a preteen. As dorky as some of the "gurus" are, I still prefer Yoga Zone over other yoga programs. I looked through the list and decided to try their weight loss for beginners video. It was over a half hour of cycles through warrior poses, planks, upward and downward dogs, and chair poses. My legs were feeling the burn, my breathing was becoming hard, and I was sweating. That was a lot tougher than what I expected, so when we sat down for meditation, I was relieved. It was so easy to go from testing my endurance to finding that inner calm.

This weekend I have a lot of cleaning to do in preparation for Thanksgiving, but that will not become my workout. I'm also going to weigh myself in the morning to see if I'm on track to losing at least 2 lbs. this week. I weighed myself at the store and it showed that I lost weight, but it doesn't take the weight down to tenths of a pound. I was also wearing heavier clothing than when I initially weighed in for this challenge.