After a week, I've lost 3% of my body weight. I knew it would come off quickly in the beginning, but I didn't expect to lose this much. I'm doing all the same things I did a few years ago, yet I'm losing more. I know I can't go beyond 12%, or else I'll be disqualified. I think I could lose it all with diet alone, no exercise, and I certainly don't feel like I'm starving myself.

When my husband came back from the store this morning with a donut, I told him to lay it on the table until I weigh myself. I told him how much I had lost and he was so proud of me. Then, I told him that I can't lose too much, or I'll be disqualified, and he told me to have a donut. I've been breaking my diet all day, but still keeping the same proportions. I figure I'll be the same way during Thanksgiving with no shame. It's not like I'm sliding downhill. I haven't lost sight of my goals. I have willpower enough to get back on my routine.