Well, it's the first Saturday of this Transformer challenge and I'm down 2 pounds! Only 3.5 to go this month to hit goal. My plan is to weigh in (officially most weeks) on Saturdays as it syncs with my T25 Stat-urday routine. While getting to goal at the end of Round 1 is a reward in itself...twofold, actually, what with losing weight and winning money...I also have a personal reward system in place for hitting certain markers along my weight loss journey.


1. For winning my 1st DietBet and having my weight drop into the 180's, I treated myself to some new exercise programs. To be specific, Les Mills Combat and Shaun T's Rockin' Body are currently shipping to my home! A great reward for me since I don't belong to a gym and all of my workouts are homebased with the exception of the Zumba and Aquafit classes that I take.


2. When my weight drops into the 170's, I am treating myself to a haircut and colour. I've needed a cut for a long time now and my grays are starting to show. Not to mention the reward that is the feeling of having someone else wash your hair - luxury at its finest! (Only 3 pounds to go!)


3. When my weight drops into the 160's, I am treating myself to a hot stone massage. I love these but they are expensive, so I tend to only get them on my birthday or when I'm on vacation in Cuba. (In Cuba, they are a fraction of the price and just as wonderful!)


4. I'm still trying to figure out what my reward will be when I reach the 150's - I'll have to think about this one for a while...but I have time. I expect this to happen after this Transformer has finished and I've joined another so that I can hit goal in a reasonable amount of time!


5. When I reach my goal weight of 147.5, I am FINALLY getting the tattoo on my side that I have wanted for years! The meaning behind it will then be both a reminder of what I have accomplished and that I need to take the time to nurture myself...something that I've forgotten many, many times in my life.


Is anyone else using a rewards system (other than the DietBet payouts)? If so, I'd love to hear them!