I have been sorely lacking in my blog posting...which I was determined to rectify but, well, that isn't likely to happen before the end of the year. (New Year's Resolution #1 - stay on top of this whole blogging thing!)

Anyways, I've been trying to find ways to stay motivated with my running during the winter months and I'd heard quite a bit about virtual runs. Which led to hearing fantastic things about Run The Edge and their Run The Year Challenges. (Thank you to my DietBet friends that shared this information with me - you're the best!)

I've decided to participate in their Challenge for 2016 - Run The Year 2016 but I feel like I'm going to be pretty hard pressed to finish all 2016 miles by myself (especially since I'm slightly injury prone). I turned to my real life friends looking for a partner (or two) and found that they are apparently a bunch of lame-o's. Not a single one willing to dedicate some mileage to bettering their health and fitness (despite a whole bunch constantly claiming to want to do such things...ah, well. If they aren't ready for that life change, they just aren't ready.)

So I thought I'd bring the offer to my DietBet friends...anyone willing to split mileage with me in an effort to hit 2016 miles during the year 2016? It appears that we can work in groups of 3 - and I am willing to log at least half of those miles. (You can see the rules for yourself by clicking the links above.) As a bonus, I'll be like your personal cheerleader for the entire year - we can connect on FB, Twitter, Instagram or email so I can cheer you on from all angles!

If you're not up to the challenge - for whatever reason - but are interested in doing a virtual race or two, I will share that I've signed up for:

Cupcake Day Run (actual day December 15th but can be run any day in the month of December - a portion of the race fee going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research) - courtesy of Virtual Run Events 

Festivus 2015 (December 23rd) - courtesy of Virtual Race Series

Resolution Run 2015/2016 (December 31st/January 1st) - courtesy of Virtual Race Series

I'd love to hear if any of you are doing these runs - if so, be sure to share your photos and let me know how it goes! I've got my fingers crossed for cooperative weather during this unseasonably mild December so that I can get outside to enjoy these runs. If not, I'll be slogging away on my treadmill...still giving the thumbs up as I cross my own personal finish line!

Happy Holidays, everyone - I wish you all success throughout the season and into 2016!