I've been meaning to write this blog for a while but for some reason, I just couldn't find the time. Right now, I am making the time. 

I have been struggling over the last couple of months. Basically for the entire summer. Summertime is supposed to be a breeze for weight loss, isn't it? I mean, all that time outside in the fresh air with the energy to get my workouts done and all that fresh, healthy food. Nope, not for me. I've been trying to figure out why - and I have reasons (which some may say are excuses) but here they are:


  • We've done a couple of weeks of vacation and while on vacation I was not overly careful with my food choices and exercise routine. I worked out, yes. I made some healthy choices, yes. But I also indulged in a few things for the sake of relaxing and enjoying myself. I don't regret this at all. But when I look back on my choices (knowing full well caloric values, etc) they don't even come close to explaining why I'm struggling.
  • Stress. Simple as that. Stress. I don't have typical work stress anymore. (For that, I used to burn it off at the gym.) Nope. Now I have home stress. Now, let me preface this by saying that I love my kids and wouldn't change them for the world...but...holy hell do they ever drive me nuts when they are home from school for summer break! All day long...I have always had respect for teachers, but after becoming a parent, I have a whole new level of respect for teachers! But - back to weight loss - summer break has had a huge impact on my routine and stress levels. For some reason, exercise doesn't help with my home stress. Most likely because it's the same environment - home. It's where I do everything, and I don't really get a break from it. I can leave for a while (to go for a run, for example) but I come right back and when I do, some residual stress comes right back too. I don't know how to fix this...and I don't think that I can. But - I have a feeling that once my little creatures head back to school a little bit of peace and quiet in my abode will go a long way! 
  • Sleep. And this is the biggie. Sleep. I am an insomniac. Diagnosed but unable to diagnose the reason(s) why. Sigh. All those fixes? I've tried them. None of them work. Not. A. One. Do I sleep? Sometimes. But there is no rhyme or reason to the cycle. Since June I'm averaging 2 hours of sleep a night. Not at all helpful on the weight loss front. On the bright side...I'm due for a night of sleep REALLY soon. And, hey, maybe it'll be tonight!

So these are my reasons (excuses) and even though I know what they are and that ALL of them impact my weight loss, I'm still getting super frustrated with myself and my scale. (I realize this is insane - but it is driving me bonkers.)

And this brings me to the point where I need to thank my DietBet friends (and my real life supporters, too) - in one of my DB's, there was a #throwbackthursday theme where people were sharing their "before" and "now" photos. I was stuck in my sleep deprived frustration of the climbing scale but since others were participating, I figured that I might as well too. AND I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I DID. I might have hit a roadblock in my weight loss journey. And the time may be really sucky as I'm coming down to the last 2 months of a Transformer (and now I'm off track, trying to get back on). But I REALLY needed to see how things have changed for me over the last year and a half and that this is about LIFE and LONG TERM SUCCESS. 

I've shared my photo here, for those of you that share in my journey but weren't a part of that particular DB. (And I thank you for sharing in this journey - I need all the support I can get on most days!)

I may be a slow loser. I may not hit all of my goals on time. But one thing is for sure - I do not give up when I am struggling. I will get this done. And I will be proud of myself, every step of the way. It may be the Summer of Struggle, but I predict that Awesome Autumn is on the way.