I made it successfully through My Husband's Birthday, Our Anniversary, Halloween, My Mom's Birthday, Thanksgiving, My Best Friend's Birthday...(This time of the year is a big party!)... but when it came to my birthday-- I have gained a little weight. Seeing the graph on this site go up drives me crazy!

I had a goal to lose 15- 20 pounds by my birthday. I lost 12 pounds... and then gained back 2. So I am sitting at 10 pounds total lost. I didn't quite make it... yet I am not bummed like I thought I would be.

I am a 55 pounds less than I was on my birthday last year!

I am getting stronger with added muscle weight so setting a goal with only the numbers on the scale is sort of silly--- as it is impossible to accurately gauge.

Although- I don’t know if I am just trying to make myself feel better… because I am aware that I have slacked compared to the 20 weeks before. I have charted my workouts/daily activity on a sheet of paper- taped up on the wall next to the head of my bed. I need to workout at least 4-5 times a week instead of 2-3 times that I have averaged. Making this change should ensure that my next goal will be met more closely- and I am going to have additional measurements to gauge my progress so I am not so obsessed about my gravitational pull with this Earth. 

With gaining 2 pounds back this weekend.. I still made my dietbet goal by .9 pounds... PHEW! That was close!