I just took what is hopefully the most unflattering picture I will ever take (am I right?!).  Let's just say I'm not usually ready to take a selfie pre-shower, standing on a scale, followed by a picture of WHAT THE SCALE ACTUALLY SAYS.  The whole thing was totally against any self respecting instincts I have, but I did it and I'm not afraid to share it in this arena.

Speaking of sharing...am I the only one not telling people about joining DietBet?  I'm so sick of talking about needing to lose weight (I'm very candid with friends, not many subjects are off limits), but not ACTUALLY losing weight.  I told myself that I want to be full disclosure on the site, down to sharing what my actual weight is verses progress only.  This might change as the months go on.

Even though tomorrow is officially the 1st, I weighed in today...got my AmazonFresh delivery full of lean protein, veggies, sparkling water (because I like to unwind with some wine in the evening - I'm subbing fizzy water), healthy carbs and fruit! 

Tonight I will say goodbye to 2014, goodbye for now bubbly and your fun alcoholic friends, goodbye except sometimes at parties brie cheese and goodbye forFREAKINGever being over 200lbs!